Dedicated. Passionate. Experts.


Owner, Ke Nako Plumbing Solutions

Cornelius is passionate about plumbing, client relations, creative problem solving and quality control. He naturally has good relations with team members on various levels and is a good planner and communicator. Due to his many years of hands-on experience as both a plumber and on site project manager he is a motivated leader who naturally trains and develops his team. He adapts easily and likes to be challenged.


  1. Heat Pump Installation Training 2014, Kwikot
  2. CETA registered 2011
  3. NQF Level 4: Plumbing Certificate 2010, WaterSmith
  4. Siphonic Rainwater Drainage Systems 2009, Valsir


  • Contracts Management
  • Site Management
  • Project Management
  • Expert in Civil Plumbing
  • Expert in Siphonic Rainwater Drainage Systems
  • Expert in Fire Systems
  • Quality controller
  • Client Relations
  • Effective Communicator
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Multi-Task Management
  • Product Knowledge
  • Workforce management
  • Domestic and International Experience